Yahoo US Hispanic Advertising

Yahoo can help connect your brand with Hispanic consumers throughout the United States. Our original programming, along with our behavioral and contextual targeting solutions reach millions of Hispanics with diverse language preferences and levels of acculturation across all screens: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Check this site often for the latest specifications, guidelines, and available formats for Yahoo's homepage or any of Yahoo's properties. As a leader in standards and innovation, Yahoo will work with you to run a custom execution or an IAB compliant ad, denoted by an IAB stamp.

All ads must comply with and meet Yahoo's Advertising Policies and Guidelines.

Desktop Ad Specs

Standard, rich media, and video for desktop browsers offer a wide range of capabilities, features, and availability. Yahoo's display network and homepage frequently updates its suite of ads to promote the latest ad innovations and standards.

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Mobile Ad Specs

Whether it's a standard banner or rich media, for a mobile application or web, familiarize yourself with mobile ads that run on Yahoo's display network and homepage.

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Native Ads

The Native ads are advertising formats that resemble both the content of the page format as the user experience. It is a form of content marketing, going beyond product attributes, merging technology and advertising to deliver highly relevant messages.

Native Ads Specs